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M & M Performance Racing Go Kart Bodywork and Accessories
Product Descriptions and Specification

M & M Performance Pro Series Body

M & M Pro Series Bodywork is available in Seven Awesome Colors.


M & M Pro Series Features

The Aerodynamic Design is expertly molded from High Gloss Virgin ABS Plastic for Maximum Durability and easily mounts up with No Trimming.

2 Piece Construction - The Pro Series Body features our exclusive 2 piece, double thickness construction that gives you added strength at the bumper, right where you need it.

Z-Connect - The Pro Series body features our Z-Connect Side Panel Mount that eliminates cracking of the side panels and wheel openings causes by close racing.

Aero Nose Design - The driver's head and body create more drag than any other object on or in the kart. Our design helps lift air over the driver's head reducing drag and air flow underneath and into the helmet.

Rub Strips - Incorporated into the side panels and nose are Rub Strips that protect your expensive graphics and help maintain the overall appearance of your kart while adding down force.

It's available in both Jr. and Sr. models for Offset Oval Karts and NOW AVAILABLE in "Straight Up" Road Course Karts as well.

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M & M "Super Tuff" Series

M & M "Super Tuff" Series Bodywork is available in Seven Great Colors.


The M & M Performance "Super Tuff" Series features

The Super Tuff Series is molded in the same patented design as our Pro Series body. What makes this body unique is the super light and almost indestructible Poly material that it is formed in.

Incorporated into the side panels and nose are Rub Strips all around to keep your M & M body looking sharp. Available in both Jr. and Sr. models, Super Tuff Bodies are shipped to you ready to mount up with No Trimming.

M & M Super Tuff is the ultimate in durability and impact resistant. Made from polyethylene, this body work is designed for the toughest tracks and racing conditions you will find anywhere. The Super Tuff has a more flat finish than the Pro Series.

Note: For proper decal adhesion, clean with alcohol and use good quality decals. Super Tuff bodywork cannot be painted.


M & M Performance Aero Shield

The M & M Performance Aero Shield is easily mounted to any M & M Performance Body. It's unique design raises the air flow over the driver's body without adding down force or reducing visibility. It can be trimmed or shaped to the drivers individual preference. The ultimate in aerodynamics.


M & M Performance Side Protectors

The M & M Performance Side Protectors are formed and shaped to fit the M & M Performance Body. This economical product offers added protection for your expensive graphic and the overall appearance of your kart.


M & M Performance Shield

For added protection against dirt and debris, install our M & M Performance Steering Column Shield. This product works well with our NEW Aero Shield for the ultimate in protection and viability.